Urinalysis and Body Fluids – Susan King Strasinger, Marjorie Schaub Di Lorenzo – 5th Edition


This thoroughly updated 5th Edition provides you with concise and carefully structured full-color instruction in the handling and analysis of non-blood body fluids. You will learn how to handle and preserve the integrity of body fluid specimens and how to keep yourself and your laboratory safe from infectious agents!

Practical, focused, and reader friendly, this popular text teaches the theoretical and practical knowledge every clinical laboratory scientist needs to handle and analyze non-blood body fluids, and to keep you and your laboratory safe from infectious agents. The 5th Edition has been completely updated to include all of the new information and new testing procedures that are important in this rapidly changing field. Case studies and clinical situations show how work in the classroom translates to work in the lab.

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  • 1. Safety in the Clinical Laboratory
    2. Renal Function
    3. Introduction to Urinalysis
    4. Physical Examination of Urine
    5. Chemical Examination of Urine
    6. Microscopic Examination of the Urine
    7. Quality Assurance and Management in the Urinalysis Laboratory
    8. Renal Disease
    9. Urine Screening for Metabolic Disorders
    10. Cerebrospinal Fluid
    11. Semen
    12. Synovial Fluid
    13. Serous Fluid
    14. Amniotic Fluid
    15. Fecal Analysis
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