Physics: A Conceptual World View – Larry D. Kirkpatrick – 7th Edition


Designed specifically for non-majors, PHYSICS: A CONCEPTUAL WORLD VIEW provides an engaging and effective introduction to physics using a flexible, fully modular presentation ideal for a wide variety of instructors and courses.

Incorporating highly effective Physics Education Research pedagogy, the text features an ongoing storyline describing the development of the current physics “world view,” which provides students with an understanding of the laws of nature and the context to better appreciate the importance of physics.

The text’s appealing style and minimal use of math also help to make complex material interesting and easier to master, even for students normally intimidated by physics or math. For instructors who want to incorporate more problem-solving skills and quantitative reasoning, the optional, more detailed, “Problem Solving to Accompany Physics: A Conceptual World View” student supplement reveals more of the beauty and power of mathematics in physics. The text can also be customized to fit any syllabus through Cengage Learning’s TextChoice custom solution program.

In addition, the new Seventh Edition includes a thoroughly revised art program featuring elements such as balloon captions and numerous illustrations to help students better visualize and understand key concepts.

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  • 1. A World View.
    2. Describing Motion.
    3. Explaining Motion.
    4. Motions in Space.
    5. Gravity.
    The Big Picture: The Discovery of Invariants.
    6. Momentum.
    7. Energy.
    8. Rotation.
    The Big Picture: Universality of Motion.
    9. Classical Relativity.
    10. Einstein’s Relativity.
    The Big Picture: The Search for Atoms.
    11. Structure of Matter.
    12. States of Matter.
    13. Thermal Energy.
    14. Available Energy.
    The Big Picture: Waves—Something Else That Moves.
    15. Vibrations and Waves.
    16. Sound and Music.
    The Big Picture: The Mystery of Light.
    17. Light.
    18. Refraction of Light.
    19. A Model for Light.
    The Big Picture: An Electrical and Magnetic World.
    20. Electricity.
    21. Electric Current.
    22. Electromagnetism.
    The Big Picture: The Story of the Quantum.
    23. The Early Atom.
    24. The Modern Atom.
    The Big Picture: The Subatomic World.
    25. The Nucleus.
    26. Nuclear Energy.
    27. Elementary Particles.
    28. Frontiers.
    Appendix A. Nobel Laureates in Physics.
    Appendix B. Answers to Most Odd-Numbered Questions and Exercises.
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