Molecular Biology and Biotechnology – John M. Walker, Ralph Rapley – 4th Edition


The 4th Edition of this immensely popular textbook brings readers up to date with the latest advances in this rapidly developing field. It has been thoroughly revised and expanded, combining entirely new chapters on current hot topics with existing chapters that have been rewritten and extended.

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 4th Edition provides real breadth of coverage, taking account of both molecular biology and industrial applications. It also gives in depth coverage of key areas, resulting in a uniquely comprehensive publication.

Highlights of this 4th Edition include increased coverage of the cloning of yeast and animal cells and plant genetic engineering, and new coverage of polymerase chain reactions, DNA fingerprinting, transgenesis and vaccine development, reflecting the rapid growth of interest in these areas.

The book presents the information in an easily assimilated form and makes an ideal undergraduate text. It will be of particular interest to students of biology and chemistry, as well as to scientific workers from outside the field who need a rapid introduction to the subject.

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology primarily has a teaching function and as such should prove invaluable.

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  • Fermentation Technology
    Molecular Analysis and Amplification Techniques
    Recombinant DNA Technology
    The Expression of Foreign DNA in Bacteria
    Yeast Cloning and Biotechnology
    Cloning Genes in Mammalian Cell-lines
    Plant Biotechnology
    Molecular, Structural and Chemical Biology in Pharmaceutical Research
    Genetically Modified Foods
    Molecular Diagnosis of Inherited Disease
    DNA in Forensic Science
    Vaccination and Gene Manipulation
    Protein Engineering
    Immobilization of Biocatalysts
    Downstream Processing: Protein Extraction and Purification
    Monoclonal Antibodies
    Subject Index

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