Mechanics (Berkeley Physics Course, Vol. 1) – Charles Kittel, Walter D. Knight – 2nd Edition


Volume 1 of the Berkeley Physics Course has been in use in its bound form for about seven years. Several years ago, it seemed appropriate to consider a revision. At this point each of us had taught the course in Berkeley various times, and on the basis of our experience and talks with colleagues, both in Berkeley and at other institutions, we had developed and considered changes to make a more “teachable” text for An introductory course for engineering and physical science students. Thus, we proceeded to such a revision.

We have tried to keep the fresh approach that was characteristic of the whole Berkeley Physics Course, the use of examples drawn from research laboratories, and the presentation of interesting topics often previously judged to be too advanced for an introductory course.

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  • 1. Introduction
    2. Vectors
    3. Newton's Laws of Motion
    4. Frames of Reference: Galilean Transformation
    5. Conservation of Energy
    6. Conservation of Linear and Angular Momentum
    7. Harmonic Oscillator: Properties and Examples
    8. Elementary Dynamics of Rigid Bodies
    9. Inverse-square-Iaw Force
    10. The Speed of Light
    11. Special Relativity: The Lorentz Transformation
    12. Relativistic Dynamics: Momentum and Energy
    13. Problems in Relativistic Dynamics
    14. Principle of Equivalence
    Film Lists
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