Managerial Accounting – Donald E. Kieso, Jerry J. Weygandt, Paul D. Kimmel – 5th Edition


Managerial Accounting teaches students the fundamental concepts of managerial accounting in a concise and easy to comprehend fashion. Stimulating review materials at the end of each section helps students develop their decision-making skills.

Students are provided the tools and guidance to take more initiative in their learning, making them more engaged, more prepared, and more confident.

– Updated Course Content Design: The course content design has been updated to promote accessibility across all media devices.

– Content Comprehension and Enhancement Changes: The course has been revised to better support the needs of the student through carefully analyzing and re-designing written content and illustrations, including adding more real life examples to enhance understanding of the subject matter. In addition, each topic covered has been carefully reviewed and revised to ensure that the course remains current and focuses on the concepts that students need to know. For example, an expanded explanation on using the mathematical equation for break-even analysis has been added to increase student understanding.

– Expanded End-of-Section Materials: End-of-section materials have been enhanced to include new multiple-choice algorithmic test bank questions where both the company name and numbers change.

– Additional Problem Walkthrough Videos: These videos illustrate key concepts covered in the course to support both students and instructors.

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  • 1. Managerial Accounting
    2. Managerial Cost Concepts and Cost Behaviour Analysis
    3. Job-Order Cost Accounting
    4. Process Cost Accounting
    5. Activity-Based Costing
    6. Decision-Making: Cost–Volume–Profit
    7. Incremental Analysis
    8. Alternative Inventory Costing Methods: A Decision-Making Perspective
    9. Pricing
    10. Budgetary Planning
    11. Budgetary Control and Responsibility Accounting
    12. Standard Costs and Balanced Scorecard
    13. Planning for Capital Investments
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