Introduction to VLSI Circuits and Systems – John P. Uyemura – 1st Edition


Introduction to VLSI Circuits and Systems provides a comprehensive treatment of modern VLSI Circuit design. Treatment focuses on the design hierarchy used in the engineering of large and complex digital systems. It presents modern CMOS logic circuitry, fabrication, and design in a coherent way that unites material along with system-level considerations.

* Chapter on Verilog HDL allows for a quick start-up.
* Illustrates the top-down design procedure used in modern VLSI chip design, with an emphasis on HDL variations, logic, circuitry, and design.

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  • An Overview of VLSI.SILICON LOGIC.Logic Design with MOSFETs.
    Physical Structure of CMOS Integrated Circuits.
    Fabrication of CMOS Integrated Circuits.
    Elements of Physical Design.THE LOGIC-ELECTRONICS INTERFACE.Electrical Characteristics of MOSFETs.
    Electronic Analysis of CMOS Logic Gates.
    Designing High-Speed CMOS Logic Networks.
    Advanced Techniques in CMOS Logic Circuits.THE DESIGN OF VLSI SYSTEMS.System Specifications Using Verilog(r) HDL.
    General VLSI System Components.
    Arithmetic Circuits in CMOS VLSI.
    Memories and Programmable Logic.
    System-Level Physical Design.
    VLSI Clocking and System Design.
    Reliability and Testing of VLSI Circuits.
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