Embedded Microcomputer Systems – Jonathan W. Valvano – 2nd Edition


This work provides an in-depth analysis of real-time embedded system design using Freescale 6811 and 9S12 microcontrollers. This book covers interface hardware aspects, advanced software topics (including interrupts), and a systems approach to typical embedded applications.

This text stands out from other microcomputer systems books because of its balanced and in-depth treatment of both software and hardware issues important in embedded design time of real systems. It has a large number of well-detailed case studies that demonstrate the basic concepts in the context of real system examples.

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  • 1. Microcomputer based systems.
    2. Design of software development.
    3. Interfacing methods.
    4. Interrupt synchronization.
    5. Threads.
    6. Timing generation and measurements.
    7. Serial i/o devices.
    8. Parallel port interfaces.
    9. Memory interfacing.
    10. High speed i/o interfacing.
    11. Analog interfacing.
    12. Data acquisition.
    13. Microcomputer-based control systems.
    14. Simple networks.
    15. Digital filters.
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