Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry – T. W. Graham Solomons – 5th Edition


Focuses on the biological, environmental and medical applications of organic chemistry. Contains a new chapter on acids and bases. More emphasis has been placed on synthesis and on using retrosynthetic analysis to plan syntheses.

Chapters dealing with bio-organic chemistry have been extensively revised and updated. New computer generated models, combined with many full color diagrams and drawings, makes this an effectively illustrated organic textbook. Includes 250 new problems.

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    <li>Carbon Compounds and Chemical Bonds</li>
    <li> Representative Carbon Compounds</li>
    <li> Acids and Bases in Organic Chemistry</li>
    <li> Alkanes and Cycloalkanes: Stereochemistry</li>
    <li> Ionic Reactions</li>
    <li> Radical Reactions</li>
    <li> Alkenes and Alkynes</li>
    <li> Alcohols and Ethers</li>
    <li> Alcohols from Carbonyl Compounds</li>
    <li> Conjugated Unsaturated Systems</li>
    <li> Aromatic Compounds</li>
    <li> Spectroscopic Methods of Structure Determination</li>
    <li> Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution</li>
    <li> Aldehydes and Ketones</li>
    <li> Carboxylic Acids and their Derivatives</li>
    <li> Amines</li>
    <li> Synthesis and Reactions of 3-Dicarbonyl Compounds</li>
    <li> Phenols and Aryl Halides</li>
    <li> Carbohydrates</li>
    <li> Lipids</li>
    <li> Amino Acids and Proteins</li>
    <li> Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis</li>
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