Data Structures and Algorithms – Alfred V. Aho – 1st Edition


This book is quite old, the most recent edition is dated 1983, but the basics of algorithms and data structures haven’t changed much since. The book combines compactness and strictness of explanation, and algorithms are supplied with proofs and implementations. The book is not the best choice for beginners, but we would definitely recommend it to anyone, who is confident in the knowledge of basics and would like to have compact and full textbook on data structures and algorithms.

The only shortcoming of the book it that all implementations are done in Pascal. It may look like a pseudocode to those, who are not familiar with this programming language.

The authors’ treatment of data structures in Data Structures and Algorithms is unified by an informal notion of “abstract data types,” allowing readers to compare different implementations of the same concept. Algorithm design techniques are also stressed and basic algorithm analysis is covered. Most of the programs are written in Pascal.

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  • 1. Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    2. Basic Data Types
    3. Trees
    4. Basic Operations on Sets
    5. Advanced Set Representation Methods
    6. Directed Graphs
    7. Undirected Graphs
    8. Sorting
    9. Algorithm Analysis Techniques
    10. Algorithm Design Techniques
    11. Data Structures and Algorithms for External Storage
    12. Memory Management
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