Concepts and Applications of Finite Element Analysis – Robert Cook – 4th Edition


This book is an accessible introduction to finite element analysis. The exposition moves gradually from simplke concepts to more advanced theory, with the goal of making competent applications based on sold understanding. In addition to theory, considerable attention is given to practical matters: modeling for finite element analysis, checking computed results for errors, and revising an analysis as needed.

Basic theory is clearly explained. Includes over 500 analytical problems. Structural mechanics is emphasized. Dynamics, nonlinearity, and heat transfer are treated. Includes application examples with solution critiques.

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    1. Introduction
    2. One-Dimensional Elements, Computational Procedures
    3. Basic Elements
    4. Formulation Techniques: Variational Methods
    5. Formulation Techniques: Galerkin and Other Weighted Residual Methods
    6. Isoparametric Elements
    7. Isoparametric Triangles and Tetrahedra
    8. Coordinate Transformation and Selected Analysis Options
    9. Error, Error Estimation, and Convergence
    10. Modeling Considerations and Software Use
    11. Finite Elements in Structural Dynamics and Vibrations
    12. Heat Transfer and Selected Fluid Problems
    13. Constaints: Penalty Forms, Locking, and Constraint Counting
    14. Solid of Revolution
    15. Plate Bending
    16. Shells
    17. Nonlinearity: An Introduction
    18. Stress Stiffness and Buckling
    • Appendix A: Matrices: Selected Definition and Manipulations
    • Appendix B: Simultaneous Algebraic Equations
    • Appendix C: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
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