Simply C# – Deitel, Deitel, Hoey, Yaeger – 1st Edition


Combining the Deitel signature LIVE–CODE™ Approach with a new Application-Driven™ methodology, this text uses a step-by-step tutorial approach to teach students the basics of programming with C#.

It builds upon previously learned concepts, and introduces new programming features in each successive tutorial. This comprehensive introduction to C# covers GUI design, controls, methods, functions, data types, control structures, procedures, arrays, object-oriented programming, strings and characters, sequential files, and more. It also includes higher-end topics such as database programming, multimedia and graphics, and Web application development.

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  • 1. Graphing Application.
    2.Welcome Application—Introducing the Visual Studio® NET IDE.
    3. Welcome Application—Introduction to Visual Programming.
    4. Designing the Inventory Application.
    5. Completing the Inventory Application.
    6. Enhancing the Inventory Application.
    7. Wage Calculator Application.
    8. Dental Payment Application.
    9. Car Payment Calculator Application.
    10. Class Average Application.
    11. Interest Calculator Application.
    12. Security Panel Application.
    13. Enhancing the Wage Calculator Application.
    14. Shipping Time Application.
    15. Fund Raiser Application.
    16. Craps Game Application.
    17. Flag Quiz Application.
    18. Sales Data Application.
    19. Microwave Oven Application.
    20. Shipping Hub Application.
    21. “Cat and Mouse” Painter Application.
    22. Typing Application.
    23. Screen Scraping Application.
    24. Ticket Information Application.
    25. ATM Application.
    26. CheckWriter Application.
    27. Phone Book Application.
    28. Bookstore Application: Web Applications.
    29. Bookstore Application: Client Tier.
    30. Bookstore Application: Information Tier.
    31. Bookstore Application: Middle Tier.

    Appendix A. Operator Precedence Chart.
    Appendix B. ASCII Character Set.
    Appendix C. GUI Design Guidelines.
    Appendix D. Visual Studio .NET Windows Form Designer Tools.
    Appendix E. Controls, Events, Properties & Methods.
    Appendix F. Keyword Chart.
    Appendix G. Internet Information Services (IIS) Setup Instructions.
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