Mechanical Vibrations – Singiresu S. Rao – 3rd Edition


Presenting theory, computational aspects and applications in as simple a manner as possible, this text on vibration engineering, now in its third edition, is a straightforward introduction to the subject. It provides thorough coverage of basic material with both mathematical and physical insight. This edition features increased use of real-world examples and problems and the addition of open-ended design problems and examples. Fortran programs are included on an accompanying disk.

Most textbooks discuss isolators, absorbers, and balancing in different chapters. Since one of the main purposes of the study of vibrations is to control vibration response, all topics related to vibration control are given in Chapter 9. The vibration measuring instruments, along with vibrating exciters, experimental modal analysis procedure, and machine condition monitoring, are together presented in Chapter 10. Similarly, all the numerical integration methods applicable to single- and multi-degree of freedom systems, as well as continuous systems, are unified in Chapter 11.

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  • 1 Basic Concepts of Vibration
    2 Free Vibration of Single Degree of Freedom Systems
    3 Harmonically Excited Vibration
    4 Vibration Under General Forcing Conditions
    5 Two Degree of Freedom Systems
    6 Multidegree of Freedom Systems
    7 Determination of Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes
    8 Continuous Systems
    9 Vibration Control
    10 Vibration Measurement and Applications
    11 Numerical Integration Methods in Vibration Analysis
    12 Finite Element Method
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