Mastering Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 – Michael Lee, Gentry Bieker – 1st Edition


Whether you’re a database administrator or application developer; this in-depth guide is your key to delivering improved data collection; storage; reporting; and security with SQL Server 2008. Mastering SQL Server 2008 brings you up to speed on architecture; installation; and configuration essentials; before moving to the step-by-step instruction you need for more advanced topics such as procedural programming; query optimization; how to use spatial data; SQL Server in the .NET world; and more. You’ll master the extensive toolset; explore useful third-party tools; and most importantly; find out how to choose and use the right SQL Server features for the specific tasks you have.

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  • Ch. 1. Overview of Microsoft SQL Server 2008
    Ch. 2. Understanding SQL Server Architecture
    Ch. 3. Databases, Files, and Resource Management
    Ch. 4. Tables and CRUD Operations
    Ch. 5. Procedural Programming
    Ch. 6. Managing Data Integrity
    Ch. 7. SQL Server and XML
    Ch. 8. Managing User Security
    Ch. 9. Data Recovery
    Ch. 10. Monitoring SQL Server Activity
    Ch. 11. Using the SQL Server Agent Service
    Ch. 12. Data Availability and Distribution
    Ch. 13. SQL Server Data Security
    Ch. 14. Indexing Strategies for Query Optimization
    Ch. 15. Transactions and Locking
    Ch. 16. Using the Resource Governor and Policy-Based Management
    Ch. 17. SQL Server and the .NET Client
    Ch. 18. SQL Server and the Common Language Runtime
    Ch. 19. Using Spatial Data
    Ch. 20. Service-Oriented Architecture and the Service Broker
    Ch. 21. Full-Text Search Services
    App. A. The Bottom Line
    App. B. SQL Server Analysis Services Overview.
    App. C. SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.
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