Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory – Reitz & Milford – 4th Edition


This review is an update of a classic text that has been the standard text of electricity and magnetism for nearly 40 years. The fourth edition contains more worked examples, a new design and new problems.

The magnetic field of stable currents, the magnetic properties of matter, the microscopic theory of magnetism, electromagnetic induction, magnetic energy, slowly changing currents, plasmas physics, electromagnetic, electromagnetic field, field electrostatic, electrostatic field in dielectric media, properties of superconductors, Maxwell equations, monochromatic wave propagation, monochromatic in limited regions, dispersion and oscillating fields in scattered media, emission of radiation, electrodynamics, special theory of relativity. Intended for those interested in learning the basics of standard electricity and magnetism.

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  • 1. Vector Analysis.
    2. Electrostatistics.
    3. Solution of Electrostatic Problems.
    4. The Electrostatic Field in Dielectric Media.
    5. Microscopic Theory of Dielectrics.
    6. Electrostatic Energy.
    7. Electric Current.
    8. The Magnetic Field of Steady Currents.
    9. Magnetic Properties of Matter.
    10. Microscopic Theory of Magnetism.
    11. Electromagnetic Induction.
    12. Magnetic Energy.
    13. Slowly Varying Currents.
    14. Physics of Plasmas.
    15. Electromagnetic Properties of Superconductors.
    16. Maxwell's Equations.
    17. Propagation of Monochromatic.
    18. Monochromatic Waves in Bounded Regions.
    19. Dispersion and Oscillating Fields in Dispersive Media.
    20. The Emission of Radiation.
    21. Electrodynamics.
    22. The Special Theory of Relativity.

    Appendix I: Computers and Electromagnetic Theory.
    Appendix II: Coordinate Transformations, Vectors, and Tensors.
    Appendix III: Systems of Units.
    Appendix IV: Vector Differential Operators.
    Appendix V: The Dirac Delta Function.
    Appendix VI: Fourier Integrals and Fourier Transforms.
    Appendix VII: Functions of a Complex Variable.
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