Financial Accounting – Donald E. Kieso, Jerry J. Weygandt, Paul D. Kimmel – 6th Edition


The sixth Edition expands our emphasis on student learning and improves upon a teaching and learning package that instructors and students have rated the highest in customer satisfaction in the following ways:

The Accounting Cycle:

For many students, success in an introductory accounting course hinges on developing a sound conceptual understanding of the accounting cycle. In the past, we have received positive feedback regarding the framework that we have employed to introduce the recording process in Chapter 3. In this edition, we have expanded our use of this framework to cover the entire accounting cycle in Chapters 3 and 4.

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  • Chapter 1. Introduction to financial statements
    Chapter 2. A further look at financial statements
    Chapter 3. The accounting information system
    Chapter 4. Accrual accounting concepts
    Chapter 5. Merchandising operations and the multiple-step income statement
    Chapter 6. Reporting and analyzing inventory
    Chapter 7. Fraud, internal control, and cash
    Chapter 8. Reporting and analyzing receivables
    Chapter 9. Reporting and analyzing long-lived assets
    Chapter 10. Reporting and analyzing liabilities
    Chapter 11. Reporting and analyzing stockholder’s equality
    Chapter 12. Statement of cash flows
    Chapter 13. Financial analyzing: The big picture
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