Engineering Mechanics Statics – William F. Riley, Leroy D. Sturges – 2nd Edition


These exciting books use full-color, and interesting, realistic illustrations to enhance reader comprehension. Also include a large number of worked examples that provide a good balance between initial, confidence building problems and more advanced level problems. Fundamental principles for solving problems are emphasized throughout.

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  • - General Principles.
    - Concurrent Force Systems.
    - Statics of Particles.
    - Rigid Bodies: Equivalent Force/Moment Systems.
    - Distributed Forces: Centroids and Center of Gravity.
    - Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies.
    - Trusses, Frames, and Machines.
    - Internal Forces in Structural Members.
    - Friction.
    - Second Moments of Area and Moments of Inertia.
    - Method of Virtual Work.
    - Appendix.
    - Answers to Selected Problems.
    - Index.
    - Photo Credits.
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