Discrete Mathematical Structures – Bernard Kolman – 3rd Edition


For one- or two-term freshman/sophomore-level courses in Discrete Mathematics.

Combining a careful selection of topics with previews of their genuine applications in computer science, this text, more than any other book in its field, is written at an elementary level with a strong pedagogical focus. It limits its area and coverage of topics to those that students will actually utilize, and emphasizes both basic theory and applications, giving a firm foundation for more advanced courses, as well as providing an excellent reference work for those courses.

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  • A Word to Students
    1 Fundamentals
    2 Logic
    3 Counting
    4 Relations and Digraphs
    5 Functions
    6 Order Relations and Structures
    7 Trees
    8 Topics in Graph Theory
    9 Semigroups and Groups
    10 Languages and Finite-State Machines
    11 Groups and Coding
    Appendix A: Algorithms and Pseudocode
    Appendix B: Additional Experiments in Discrete Mathematics
    Appendix C: Coding Exercises
    Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises
    Answers to Chapter Self-Tests
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