Contemporary Engineering Economics – Chan S. Park – 4th Edition


This book is intended for undergraduate engineering students taking the introductory engineering economics course at the university level.

The fourth edition of Contemporary Engineering Economics has been thoroughly revised and updated while continuing to adopt a contemporary approach to the subject, and teaching, of engineering economics. This text aims not only to build a sound and comprehensive coverage of engineering economics, but also to address key educational challenges, such as student difficulty in developing the analytical skills required to make informed financial decisions.

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  • Part I: Basics of Financial Decisions
    Chapter 1: Engineering Economic Decisions
    Chapter 2: Understanding Financial Statement
    Chapter 3: Interest Rate and Economic Equivalence
    Chapter 4: Understanding Money and Its Management

    Part II: Evaluation of Business and Engineering Assets
    Chapter 5: Present worth Analysis
    Chapter 6: Annual worth Analysis
    Chapter 7: Rate of Return Analysis

    Part III: Analysis of Project Cash Flows
    Chapter 8: Estimating Project Cost Elements
    Chapter 9: Depreciation and Corporate Taxes
    Chapter 10: Developing Project Cash Flows

    Part IV: Handling Risk and Uncertainty in Economic Analysis
    Chapter 11: Inflation and Its Impact on Project Cash Flows
    Chapter 12: Sensitivity and Risk Analysis
    Chapter 13: Real Options Analysis

    Part V Special Topics in Engineering Economic Analysis
    Chapter 14: Replacement Analysis
    Chapter 15: Capital Budgeting Decisions
    Chapter 16: Economic Analysis in Service Sector
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