College Mathematic – Frank Ayres, Philip A. Schmidt – 3rd Edition


An ideal course text or supplement for the many underprepared students enrolled in the required freshman college math course, this revision of the highly successful outline (more than 348,000 copies sold to date) has been updated to reflect the many recent changes in the curriculum.

Based on Schaum’s critically acclaimed pedagogy of concise theory illustrated by solved problems, Schaum’s Outline of College Mathematics features:

Mathematical modeling throughout
Modernized graphs
Graphing and scientific calculator coverage
More than 1,500 fully solved problems
Another 1,500 supplementary problems
And much more

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  • Elements of Algebra
    Graphs of Functions
    Linear Equations
    Simultaneous Linear Equations
    Quadratic Functions and Equations
    Locus of an Equation
    The Straight Line
    Families of Straight Lines
    The Circle
    Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions
    Infinite Geometric Series
    Mathematical Induction
    The Binomial Theorem
    Determinants of Order Two and Three
    Determinants of Order
    Systems of Linear Equations
    Introduction to Transformational Geometry
    Angles and Arc Length
    Trigonometric Functions of a General Angle
    Trigonometric Functions of an Acute Angle
    Reduction to Functions of Positive Acute Angles
    Graphs of the Trigonometric Functions
    Fundamental Trigonometric Relations and Identities
    Trigonometric Functions of Two Angles
    Sum, Difference, and Product Trigonometric Formulas
    Oblique Triangles
    Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    Trigonometric Equations
    Complex Numbers
    The Conic Sections
    Transformations of Coordinate
    Points in Space
    Simultaneous Quadratic Equations
    Power, Exponential, and Logarithmic Curves
    Polynomial Equations, Rational Roots
    Irrational Roots of Polynomial Equations
    Graphs of Polynomials
    Parametric Equations
    The Derivative
    Differentiation of Algebraic Expressions
    Applications of Derivatives
    Infinite Sequences
    Infinite Series
    Power Series
    Polar Coordinates
    Introduction to the Graphing Calculator
    The Number System of Algebra
    Mathematical Modeling
  • Citation

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