Calculus. Early Transcendentals – Edwards & Penney – 7th Edition


This text is rigorous, fairly traditional and is appropriate for engineering and science calculus tracks. Hallmarks are accuracy, strong engineering and science applications, deep problem sets (in quantity, depth, and range), and spectacular visuals. New Section Study Guides Ten true/false items at the end of each section are provided to help students check the accuracy of their reading and retention, and to guide them systematically back through appropriate parts of the section for any further review of facts and concepts that is needed before attempting to work the problems.

New Chapter Reviews Each chapter review consists of two parts–Understanding and Objectives–that precedes the chapter’s miscellaneous problems set. The Understanding part consists of concepts, definitions, formulas, results, etc.–with page references provided–to be reviewed section-by-section in preparation for the chapter test. Its premise is that the student who actually needs this review assistance likely can not or has not outlined the chapter for himself. As experienced teachers know, many (if not most) students need help in identifying, locating, and describing briefly the individual items in the chapter whose understanding comprise a knowledge of the chapter as a whole.

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  • 1. Functions, Graphs, and Models
    2. Prelude to Calculus
    3. The Derivative
    4. Additional Applications of the Derivative
    5. The Integral
    6. Applications of the Integral
    7. Techniques of Integration
    8. Differential Equations
    9. Polar Coordinates and Parametric Curves
    10. Infinite Series
    11. Vectors, Curves, and Surfaces in Space
    12. Partial Differentiation
    13. Multiple Integrals
    14. Vector Calculus
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