An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics – B. Carroll, D. Ostlie – 2nd Edition


An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics, Second Edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect the dramatic changes and advancements in astrophysics that have occurred over the past decade.

The Second Edition of this market-leading book has been updated to include the latest results from relevant fields of astrophysics and advances in our theoretical understanding of astrophysical phenomena.

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  • I. The Tools of Astronomy 1. The Celestial Sphere 2. Celestial Mechanics 3. The Continuous Spectrum of Light 4. The Theory of Special Relativity 5. The Interaction of Light and Matter 6. Telescopes II. The Nature of Stars 7. Binary Systems and Stellar Parameters 8. The Classification of Stellar Spectra 9. Stellar Atmospheres 10. The Interiors of Stars 11. The Sun 12. The Process of Star Formation 13. Post-Main-Sequence Stellar Evolution 14. Stellar Pulsation 15. Supernovae 16. The Degenerate Remnants of Stars 17. Black Holes 18. Close Binary Star Systems III. Planetary Systems 19. Physical Processes in the Solar System 20. The Terrestrial Planets 21. The Jovian Worlds 22. Minor Bodies of the Solar System 23. The Formation of Planetary Systems IV. Galaxies and the Universe 24. The Milky Way Galaxy 25. The Nature of Galaxies 26. Galactic Evolution 27. The Structure of the Universe 28. Active Galaxies 29. Cosmology 30. The Early Universe

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