Introductory Mathematical Analysis for Business, Economics, and the Life and Social Sciences – Ernest Haeussler, Richard Paul – 13th Edition


Haeussler, Paul, and Wood establish a strong algebraic foundation that sets this text apart from other applied mathematics texts, paving the way for readers to solve real-world problems that use calculus. Emphasis on developing algebraic skills is extended to the exercises–including both drill problems and applications. The authors work through examples and explanations with a blend of rigor and accessibility. In addition, they have refined the flow, transitions, organization, and portioning of the content over many editions to optimize learning for readers. The table of contents covers a wide range of topics efficiently, enabling readers to gain a diverse understanding.

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  • Part I College algebra
    Chapter 0 Review of algebra
    Chapter 1 Applications and More Algebra
    Chapter 2 Functions and Graphs
    Chapter 3 Lines, parabolas, and systems
    Chapter 4 Exponential and logarithmic functions

    Part II Finite Mathematics
    Chapter 5 Mathematics of finance
    Chapter 6 Matrix algebra
    Chapter 7 Linear programming
    Chapter 8 Introduction to probability and statiscs
    Chapter 9 Additional topics in probability

    Part III Calculus
    Chapter 10 Limits and continuity
    Chapter 11 Differentiation
    Chapter 12 Additional differentiation topics
    Chapter 13 Curve sketching
    Chapter 14 Integration
    Chapter 15 Methods and applications of integration
    Chapter 16 Continuous random variables
    Chapter 17 Multivariable calculus
    Appendix A
    Appendix B
    Appendix C
  • Citation
    • Full Title: Introductory Mathematical Analysis for Business, Economics, and the Life and Social Sciences
    • Author/s:
    • ISBN-10: 0321643887
    • ISBN-13: 9780321643889
    • Edition: 13th Edition
    • Publication date: 2010
    • Topic: Business
    • Subtopic: Mathematical Finance
    • File Type: eBook, Solution Manual
    • Idioma: English

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