Higher Engineering Mathematics – H. K. Dass, Er. Rajnish Verma – 1st Edition


For engineering students and also useful for competitive exams. The Higher Engineering Mathematics book contains 65 chapters. Over 2,000 worked examples from basic to difficult levels are included to provide a lively platform for all-round student development. As practice only makes a student perfect.

The book covers all the topics related to Mathematical Engineering. Topics have been broken down into smaller parts to equip students with a complete and basic knowledge of each topic giving them a better understanding. Over 2,000 worked examples from basic to difficult levels are included to provide a lively platform for all-round student development. As practice only makes students perfect. When solving the examples, not even the smallest steps have been lost, so students can easily follow the solution.”

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  • 1. Patrial differentiation
    2. Total differentiation
    3. Maxima and minima of functions (toe variables)
    4. Errors
    5. Jacobians
    6. Taylor´s series for functions of two variables
    7. Double integrals
    8. Aplication of the double integrals
    9. Triple integration
    10. Aplication of triple integration
    11. Diferential equations of first order
    12. Diferential equations of second order
    13. Cauchy-euler equations, method of variation of parameters
    14. Simultaneous linear diferential equations
    15. Diferential equation of other types
    16. Aplications to diferential equations
    17. Determinants
    18. Algebra of matrices
    19. Rank of matrix
    20. Consistency of linears system of equations and their solutions
    21. Eigen values, eigen vector, cayley hamilton theorem, diagonalisation
    22. Review of vector algebra
    23. Diferentiation of vector
    24. Vector integration
    25. Complex numbers
    26. Expansion of trigonometric functions
    27. Functions of complex variable, analityc fuction
    28. Conformal transformation
    29. Complex integration
    30. Taylor´s and laurent´s series
    31. The calculus of residues
    32. Series solutions of second order differential equations
    33. Bessel´s fuctions
    34. Legendre fuctions
    35. Hermite function
    36. Lagguerre,s fuction
    37. Chebyshev polynomials
    38. Gama, beta fuctions
    39. Infinite series
    40. Fourier series
    41. Integral transforms
    42. Laplace transform
    43. Inverse laplacace transforms
    44. Z- transforms
    45. Hankel transform
    46. Hilbert transform
    47. First order lagrange,s linear diferential equations
    48. Linear partial differential equations with constant coefficients of 2dn order
    49. Applications of partial differential equations
    50. Algebraic an transcendental equations
    51. Simultaneous linear equations
    52. Numerical technique for solution of ordinary diferential equations
    53. Numerical techniques for solutions of partial differential equation
    54. Calculus of variation
    55. Tensor analysis
    56. Linear programming
    57. Stastical technique
    58. Method of least squares
    59. Correlation and regression
    60. Correlation an multiple regression analysos
    61. Probability
    62. Sampling methods
    63. Binomial distribution
    64. Poisson distribution
    65. Normal distribution
    66. Fuzy set
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