Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are applicable for the simple use, access, registration, subscription and use of our services and content in any of the web and mobile applications in general that make up the site www.textbooks.solutions, so we understand that you expressly accept and agree to be bound by them.

1. Accounts

You need an account to access some content or have a better user experience on our platform. You assume full responsibility for the account and everything that happens in it. This means that you must be careful with your password. You may not transfer your account to another person or use another person’s account.

    • User: Is the holder of a registered and verified account on this website, with access to services and content free of charge.
  • Subscriber: Means the user who has contracted any of our memberships with access to specific content and with the characteristics of the Payment Plan purchased.

When setting up and maintaining your account, you must at all times provide accurate and complete information, including a valid email address. Keep your password secure, because you must assume responsibility for all activities associated with your account. If you suspect someone is using your account, let us know; to do so, please contact our Support Team.

If you wish to know how we will treat your personal data, you should consult our Privacy Policy. You can delete your account at any time; to do so, just follow the steps shown here.

2. Content subscription and unlimited access

We offer users different Memberships, which allow subscribers to enjoy our range of services and content in accordance with the characteristics of the membership that the subscriber decides to acquire.

Each membership enjoys different conditions and benefits, such as: access to content and special services, duration of the subscription, better user experience, access to some courses, among others. Textbooks Solutions may make as many variations as it wishes to the benefits and limitations of the Payment Plans at its sole discretion.

2.1 Types of memberships

The membership you purchase or renew will determine the scope, functions and access of your user account. By subscribing to a membership, the user declares, under oath, that he/she is at least 18 years of age or the legal age of majority in his/her jurisdiction. Textbooks Solutions has two membership plans:

2.1.1 Free Plan.

By creating your personal account, the user can access the services and content that is identified as “free”, will have the option to save your favorite books in folders, will have enabled the function to manage your comments on the content to which you have access. The users of this modality at any time will be able to contract a Premium Membership that provides more benefits and capabilities.

2.1.2 Premium Membership.

By contracting the Premium Membership, the subscriber will have unlimited access to content downloads, for a monthly period of time, in addition to exclusive services and content, these being different in their conditions, limitations and benefits. You can find the specific information and features of this plan in our payment plans.

2.2 Payment plans

By subscribing to the Premium Membership, Subscriber authorizes Textbooks Solutions, through its various payment processors, to make automatic charges on a monthly basis, until Subscriber cancels the Membership.

Payments are recurring, automatic and in advance on a credit or debit card of the subscriber’s choice. The subscription period shall be 30 days from the date of payment, during which the subscriber may use the benefits, services and contents corresponding to such plan. Subscriber authorizes to automatically renew its Membership at the end of each subscription period, unless cancelled prior to the end of the period.

2.3 Cancellation of membership or recurring payments

A subscriber may cancel its membership at any time. However, he/she will continue to have access to the benefits, services and content in accordance with the characteristics of the membership he/she has contracted until the end of his/her subscription period. The user who for any reason cancels the payment of his subscription will be able to reactivate the premium membership at any time.

The cancellation shall take effect on the day following the last day of the respective period and shall result in the elimination of the recurring charge. If a membership cancellation is effected, the subscriber may continue to use his account under the “Free Plan”.

To make the changes, the subscriber must access his/her profile, “click” on the edit profile button available at the top right, access “Subscriptions” and click on the unsubscribe link.

2.4 Deleting account

Subscriber may delete his/her personal account at any time. If the subscriber wishes to delete his account, he accepts and agrees that he will automatically lose the benefits of the membership he has contracted, even if his subscription period does not end and the recurring charge will be canceled. Textbooks Solutions will delete all personal data created during registration.

To delete an account, the subscriber must access his/her profile, click on the edit profile button at the top right, access “Delete Account” in the menu on the left side, enter his/her password in the requested field and click on “Delete Account”. A user who for any reason deletes their personal account will not be able to recover it, however they will be able to create a new account.

3. Access to the web platform

The purpose of our web platform is to serve as a tool for a free and free education, as well as to promote access to knowledge without barriers to as many people as possible. That is why, for access to the services of Textbooks Solutions, the user and/or subscriber must only have an electronic device with internet connection, in no case is it mandatory to register a personal account on the website www.textbooks.solutions to access the content.

3.1 Content access disclaimer

Our web platform may be unavailable at some point in time, either due to planned maintenance work, or because there is a problem with the site. As a user and/or subscriber, you agree that you will not take any legal action against us in the event that such problems occur and things go wrong.

The content offered by Textbooks Solutions is shared with users on an “as is” and “as available” basis. We (and our affiliates, suppliers and partners) make no representations or warranties about the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness, security, absence or accuracy of the content and expressly disclaim any warranties and conditions (express or implied) that you will obtain specific results from the use of our services. Your use of the services (including any content) is entirely at your own risk.

3.2 Content Updates

The update and / or publication of new content may be as frequent as Textbooks Solutions decides and at its sole discretion, the method to inform users and / or subscribers will be through the same website, social networks or email marketing messages. Similarly, it is made of your knowledge that in Textbooks Solutions we reserve the right to modify or remove the content we offer at any time and without prior notice, so it is recommended to periodically consult the present content.

4. Availability of content

The user and/or subscriber acknowledges that due to intellectual property rights, copyright, industrial property of the content offered on our web platform, some content may no longer be available.

4.1 Disclaimer for subscriptions

We do not guarantee the availability of any specific file or content in any membership, or any content by subscription. We reserve the right to offer or discontinue offering additional features of any content at our sole discretion in the future.

Textbooks.solutions, in its membership plans, does not guarantee the availability, updating or renewal of the services and content offered, nor the usefulness of the site or the services and content in connection with any specific activity or for the purposes that the user and / or subscriber intends.

5. Use and Restrictions

The Site is for the individual use of the user and/or subscriber, so you may not market the services and content in any way. Nor may you provide any other user and/or subscriber with access to your account. The user and/or subscriber expressly agrees and undertakes to use the information acquired from the website www.textbooks.solutions only for private and non-commercial use. All content on this website is for educational purposes only.

With respect to the content published on Textbooks Solutions, the user and/or subscriber shall not have the right to place or use the services and content of Textbooks Solutions on their own or third-party websites or pages without prior written authorization.

6. Refund policy

Unfortunately, in most cases, we are unable to offer you a refund for your purchase. Your right of cancellation expires at the precise moment in which TEXTBOOKS SOLUTIONS begins to provide the premium functionalities when using our website.

This information is indicated at the time of making the purchase through the payment forms. However, in some cases we can make refunds for duplicate charges or assign a credit balance in the subscription, if the user prefers it.

From time to time, we may update these Terms to clarify our practices or to reflect new or different practices (for example, when we add new features), and we reserve the right to modify or make changes to these Terms at any time, with or without notice.