Educational Psychology – John W. Santrock – 5th Edition


It is gratifying that the first four editions of Educational Psychology have been so wellreceived. Preparing the fifh edition has been both highly rewarding and challenging:rewarding because I continue to learn so much more about educating students andbecause the feedback from students and instructors has been consistently enthusiastic; a challenge because of the need to continue meeting or exceeding instructors’expectations and keeping the material fresh and up to date.

Written by the author of highly effective psychology texts that are relied upon by thousands of teachers and students, John Santrock’s Educational Psychology excels in showing future teachers how to put theory into practice. The text reflects the voices of today’s teachers and students, and includes numerous case studies to help pre-service teachers understand how to apply educational psychology. It covers the latest research and offers fully integrated technology and supplement programs to support student learning. A new panel of thirteen expert education consultants participated in the text’s development, ensuring the most comprehensive, up-to-date coverage.

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  • Chapter 1 Educational Psychology: A Tool for Effective Teaching
    Chapter 2 Cognitive and Language Development
    Chapter 3 Social Contexts and Socioemotional Development
    Chapter 4 Individual Variations
    Chapter 5 Sociocultural Diversity
    Chapter 6 Learners Who Are Exceptional
    Chapter 7 Behavioral and Social Cognitive Approaches
    Chapter 8 The Information-Processing Approach
    Chapter 9 Complex Cognitive Processes
    Chapter 10 Social Constructivist Approaches
    Chapter 11 Learning and Cognition in the Content Areas
    Chapter 12 Planning, Instruction, and Technology
    Chapter 13 Motivation, Teaching, and Learning
    Chapter 14 Managing the Classroom
    Chapter 15 Standardized Tests and Teaching
    Chapter 16 Classroom Assessment and Grading

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