Aircraft Instruments – EHJ Pallett – 2nd Edition


“The continued demand for a book of this nature has been very encouraging, and meeting the publisher’s requirements for the production of a second edition has been particularly gratifying. Over the seven-year period of the book’s existence, many have inevitably developed new types of instruments and associated systems.However, as is often the case, such developments have occurred in the methods of applying established principles.It was hoped that the coverage of these principles in the first edition and its subsequent reprints would have been helpful to those readers who, having encountered practical examples of new ‘application technology’ in the course of their work, have had to gain a deeper understanding of the operational fundamentals.

In order to include details of representative examples of new instruments in this second edition, “surgery” has been performed on details related to instruments that have become obsolete or obsolete. It has also been necessary to reorganize the sequence and title of the chapters, considerably expanding their content in several cases. As a result of the suggestions of various readers, to whom I am indebted, the opportunity has been taken to expand the first edition’s treatment of certain operating principles, this applies particularly to the principles of the gyroscope and synchronous transmission systems. A new section on conversion factors and appropriate tables for the parameters measured by the instruments have also been included.

Smiths Industries, Coilins Radio Company of England Ltd., Norrnalair-Garrett Ltd*, British Airways, and Laker Airways (Services) Ltd. have also provided valuable assistance in illustrating text associated with new topics in this book. and I hereby fully appreciate such assistance and the permission granted for the reproduction of a series of photographs and diagrams.”

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  • Foreword
    Preface to the second edition
    Preface to the first edition
    1. Requirements and standards
    2. Instrument elements and mechanisms
    3. Instrument displays, panels and layouts
    4. Pitot-static instruments and systems
    5. Primary flight instruments (attitude indication)
    6. Heading indicating instruments
    7. Remote-indicating compasses
    8. Aircraft magnetism and its effects on compasses
    9. Synchronous data-transmission systems
    10. Measurement of engine speed
    11. Measurement of temperature
    12. Measurement of pressure
    13. Measurement of fuel quantity and fuel flow
    14. Engine power and control instruments
    15. Integrated instrument and. flight director systems
    16. Flight data recording
    Principal symbols and abbreviations
    Conversion factors
  • Citation
    • Full Title: Aircraft Instruments
    • Author/s:
    • ISBN-10: 0273015397
    • ISBN-13: 9780273015390
    • Edition: 2nd Edition
    • Publication date: 1988
    • Topic: Engineering
    • Subtopic: Aerospace Engineering
    • File Type: eBook
    • Idioma: English

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